Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the Chore Wars

One of the myriad things the now defunct Lime and Violet podcast got me into was Chore Wars. At the time, there was a rabid flood of sign ups when we all decided we too needed to participate in KnitWars, using the website as a way to track how much time we spent knitting, reward ourselves by spending the earned gold pieces earned on shiny new wool, and perhaps keeping ourselves a little more accountable.

As I've been trying to think about more mindful crafting and using up some of the sock yarn around Chez Hedgehog rather than going on a shopping spree, I thought getting back to it might be a good way to help me toe the line on spending.  So I reset my gold to zero for the new year (I hadn't used it in quite a long time and had lingering gold) and I'm working my way back up again.

The last time I did this, I equated each earned gold piece to being $1.  I've heard of people who did similar, those who were more hard core about reducing their stash equating 1 gold piece = 1 cent.  I'm not quite that focused on destashing and besides, I recognize that some days a new skein of sock wool is the only thing to take away the crankies. Also, I recognize that as a crafter I like having tools of my trade around me, perhaps just not as many as I currently have.

This time, I thought I'd do a 2gp:$1 ratio. Considering how much I knit and can accumulate points/gold pieces, that could easily give me a knitting allowance for the month and a buffer in case there is a festival that I can't miss out on.  Currently I have 58 gold pieces or approximately 1 skein of sock yarn.

I've tried other stash reduction methods and certainly it makes sense to go through and clean out stash occasionally that you no longer love, aren't ever going to use, etc. I dislike having to ship things though, especially as it's a royal challenge to get to the post office.  So for now I'm working on knitting things up, using yarn as I had originally intended or for new patterns I've discovered, and filling up the gift box.

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