Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sock Show Thursday

After assaulting you all over the past year with picture after picture of me and my double pointed needles, dutifully clicking away, I thought this year it might be nice to limit myself to a weekly update on socks. That way, hopefully, I'll be able to show you some progress.

In a fit of too much coffee, I had the brilliant thought that I could finish a sock per week and then I'd have 26 pair this year and wouldn't that be great? And then I realized that I haven't touched the sock I'm presently working on in over a week due to other knitting deadlines and as soon as the current knitting deadline is done I have two other pressing ones.

Anyway, here's Sock 1 for 2012

Hmm, no it's not actually blue, it's gray. Here's a close up shot that shows it a little better.

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock
Needle Size: 1.5 (2.5mm)
Stitch Count: 64
Pair Count for 2012: 1
Ravelry Project Link: Gray Lady

It's my first time working with TIG, and this was purchased on my first trip to Windy Knitty. I really do need to get back to that shop again, I liked what she had. The yarn is very nice. It has a tight twist that shows everything and actually, as you can really see in the second picture, I'm getting ladders between needles. They aren't bad and I'm sure a washing will smooth that right out but it's not something I've had trouble with for a while. You might consider two circulars or magic looping with this yarn. I would like to get some more of their yarn eventually though, the colors are lovely. 

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