Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wherein I Do Not Actually Slack....

Occasionally I feel like I'm not accomplishing very much on the knitting front.  I don't churn out lace like my sister, designs like several good friends, or various other large quantities of projects like some of the bloggers and pod/videocasters that I follow. However, I do have my little triumphs.

I realized the other day that the two pairs of socks that are currently on the needles are pair 11 and 12--for 2011.  Someone asked and I counted in Ravelry.  Since the beginning of the year I've knit

New Green Socks
Languishing Socks
Corn for Cristy
Indulgent Green Socks
What New Socks
Ugly Work Socks
Subtle Stripe Sunday
Purple Pond Socks
Summer Sky Socks

Now, granted, I had been working on the Languishing Socks for a while and there is one pair of footies in there--but none of those are infant sized. 3 pair are for a size 9 shoe, the other 7 pair are for a size 7 shoe. Considering we're only in July (granted, August is soon upon us), I think it's fairly safe to say that I'll have finished at least a dozen pair of socks in 2011.  Quite possibly that number will be on the far side of 15.  Considering I've knit a few other things and I do work, that's quite a hefty amount of knitting I think.

So, those 11th and 12th pair

Rainbow Stripes is being knit out of the KPPPM in what I'm calling Easter Basket.  I finished the first sock a week or so ago, haven't cast on the second sock yet. I've been having some soreness in my hands, leftover from blowing them out in Michigan (knitting nonstop for about 36 hours) and size 0 needles really seem to exacerbate that.

The pictures are a little fuzzy---the colors are really painfully obnoxious with the flash so I went with fuzz over obnoxious bright.

And then there are the Do You Feel Lucky Socks.  *pause to praise, yet again, BMFA Medium weight for all it's squishiness* These are less than 10 rows from done.  I'm working on the toe of sock 2 and then they just need a quick wash/block.  So close....

And of course, because 12 pair can't possibly be enough, I now have a pair of basic black 2x2 vanilla rib socks that are intended for the Incredibly Patient Mother. No picture at the moment but imagine about two and a half inches of cuff on my size 1.5 needles. 

I'm hosting/attending a two day conference this Thursday and Friday, so hopefully in between taking lots and lots of notes and presentation summaries, I'll have some extra knitting time. Maybe. 

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