Friday, July 1, 2011

The Little Hedgehog That Could

I was feeling rather sad, thinking I didn't have much to show you.  And then I actually started pulling together the photos of what has come off the needles lately, what's on the needles, and new yarn and then I didn't feel like that anymore.  So let's jump into things shall we?

A couple of things are done, off the needles and included in Stash Dash 2011 with the KnitGirlls. I'm at about 1500m so far, not exactly where I should be considering that we're about to the halfway point but I have a trip coming up this weekend where I fully expect to spend most of Saturday evening and all of Sunday with needles in hand.  Progress will be made.

Done but still here

Here is the final pair of socks for AudioGirl's Birthday. She's been getting quite the wealth of knitted things this year.  She's not getting knitted stuff for Christmas, knitting maybe but not knitted. These are knit out of the first two skeins of KPPPM that I fell down and bought at Loopy when it first started showing up on clearance.  Would you believe I actually made it in and out of the store twice recently without buying anymore KPPPM.  Oh...that reminds me, I have more pictures to take.


They are my usual 2x2 rib socks, done on 72 stitches on size 0 (2mm) needles.  They went as fast as tiny yarn on tiny needles can and I only had to rip back the leg once and the toe once. Not bad! They still need a soak in some wool wash but then they go in the gift bin. Oh, and here's a shot from "in progress" that I took a bit ago.  Art shot with extra cat tail!


Done and gone

Audiogirl has a red kitchen and nothing in front of her sink to stand on.  Obviously this was unacceptable so about 3/4ths of a cone of cotton went to make her a mat.


It went home with her last night, so it's gone gone gone. She said she washed the bathroom mat in hot water recently and it bounced back to it's original squishiness. She's very pleased and appreciative of all the cotton.  Three cones down, we're not going to talk about how much more I have to go.

Done knitting but not blocked

I finished the Wendy Johnson Summer Mystery KAL!!  It's off the needles but hasn't been blocked yet, so I haven't included it for stash dash.  Blocking requires that I'm actually home for a few minutes without company or people desperately needing me or what not.  I'll get there.

This was done with the Fiber Optic Yarn Foot Notes in Ultraviolet. The yarn is soooo bright and pretty! The pattern was super easy, chart was very clear, and I can't wait to knit more Wendy patterns. 

And as you can see, the shawl is currently a small gray cat long.  :)


So that's what's off the needles. In progress and new stuff to follow!

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