Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Too Darn Hot...

I'd like to say I've been working on my heavy purple wool shawl and that it's all done.  I have actually knit on it! AudioGirl and I had a Knit Night recently and I took it along. But it's a garter triangle and a picture wouldn't really show you much.  So we'll just stick to the socks, shall we?

No More Blue Songs:


The Summer Sky socks are done! I've finished with the Yarn Love Juliet Yarn. These were drug up to a cabin in Michigan, where I did a marathon day of knitting. They're on size one needles and are sized to fit my own feet. Last count of socks that will be gracing my drawer this winter puts me at about 10 pair!  I'm very excited to see how all of that turns out once colder weather arrives.

Putt Putt Putt:


Hey, these socks look like they belong on a putting green, now don't they? The Lucky Socks are, in theory, in the rotation, but they haven't seen much love since I got back from Michigan. That's right, I finished the blue and moved right onto the green.  All it took was a small change of project bag.

The strip is a little more subtle on these than the last couple of pair of BMFA socks that I've knit. That's perfectly okay with me. And since I already finished one with a foot my size, apparently these are staying at Chez Hedgehog too.  At least I know I'll wear them and love them, right?  Selfish knitting is no bad thing.

But I couldn't let the Lucky Socks get cocky.  They might truly take their name seriously.  And besides, I'm nearing the heel turn, which really makes them not all that great for meeting knitting. You know where this is going right?

Tada, more new socks!!

These are KPPPM, from the oops-I-fell-down-at-the-Loopy-sale-bin moment, and I originally called the colorway Easter Basket. Once I started on the socks though, the name was only too apparent.

Meet Rainbow Stripes

(Yes, I used flash, sorry--couldn't get a non-fuzzy picture otherwise)

This is 68 stitches on size 0 (2mm) needles. I cast them on Sunday evening and got a couple inches into the cuff while avoiding things I was supposed to be doing on Monday evening. And they are seriously spiraling. I expect horrendous pooling around the ankle.

And of course, I'm making these as gift socks.  Ah well, there are too few pair of handknit socks on people's feet. Hopefully they will appreciate and wear them.

I also have a skein of black sock yarn wound and ready to go. That's going to work as emergency knitting for the days I forget my project bag as I did Monday. My mum has requested black socks a couple of times, I need to get around to a pair or two for her.

Oh, and in case you were curious as to why there are no tails, ears, or whiskers in these pictures, never fear, I was being supervised:


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