Sunday, May 1, 2011

Non-Wool Socks

I mentioned last post that I'm working on a pair of socks made out of corn yarn.

I bought the yarn at Baskets of Yarn in La Crosse--Judy's shop. I was a little intrigued by the idea of yarn that wasn't wool or acrylic or cotton, none of the more usual fibers.  The skeins I grabbed were some of the only solid colored ones she had left. I remember that her sample socks had been done up in one of the solids and she said as a result everyone had grabbed solids.

The yarn has sat neglected in my stash. I've tried putting it on For Trade or Sale a couple of times on Ravelry and it went into the bin that I took to the local group right before I moved. No one bought it or wanted to trade. But I couldn't quite bear to give it away, as I had much other stash that went to various people.

A few weeks ago I put together a basket of sock yarn. I have a tendency to be at a crucial point in a sock (usually needing to finish off a toe) when I am  headed out the door. Due to my preference to put on a sock about eight times during the toe decrease process, this makes it rather impractical for the train. So as to facilitate the whole "I need a new sock RIGHT NOW" process--I wound up a bunch of yarn that had been designated for socks. This way, I need only seek out needles and possibly a stitchmarker or three. The corn yarn, not needing to be wound, also went into the basket and got cast on the other day.

It's corn fiber and elastic nylon in the color of "Nut Brown."  It has a very cottony feel to it, as confirmed by any number of people who were at an Easter party that included Peep Wars*. I'm most of the way through the first sock, waiting on AudioGirl, who is designated sock recipient, to try them on so I can start the toe process.

I'm using size 1 needles and my incredibly unexciting but ever so practical 2x2 rib. I'm glad the yarn is finally getting used, it was starting to generate some negative vibes for having been so long neglected.

*Peep Wars

  1. Face two peeps on a plate (paper might be better)
  2. Arm them with toothpick lances
  3. Place in the microwave (make sure it is at viewing height) and set for 15 seconds
  4. Whichever peep overcomes or stabs the other one first: WINS
  5. Winners and losers can be served immediately on graham crackers. 

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