Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guilty Expression

There are rumors going about that I have shamefully been ignoring my to-do list in favor of yet another pair of 2x2 rib socks dubbed Purple Pond.

Jan02 003You should in no way believe that I've been trying to figure out best stitch count for me on size 1 needles so I can start knitting up the fingering weight yarn rather than going out and buying more sport weight yarn. Nor that I'm going with a count of 64 stitches because 72 just seems excessive when I do 48/52 on size 2s....

Nor should you be tempted to think that I turned the heel of Sock 1 at the Brunette's hotel room last night while we waited for Restaurant Man to join us so we could head to dinner.*

There might be some truth in the fact that this Knit Picks Stroll Yarn in Make Believe gets much muddier as knitted and isn't so bright. I know this happens when you squish colors together, I've seen allusions and explanations on blogs of dyers and yarn teachers. But I'm not sure how I feel about the end fabric yet.  I'm also trying not to be skeptical about the yarn in general. I've been working with some really cushy yarns and KP Stroll is more of a work horse yarn than a squishy wool. I think this will make the socks hold up longer. I hope anyway...

And finally, we will not be mentioning the other pair of 2x2 socks, the Seafoams, being knit on my beloved size 2s at 48 stitches, or that I just finally got to the heel flap on sock 1 for because I did not take them to the three hour meeting yesterday through which I couldn't possibly have been knitting the Purple Pond socks.

MDTrans 063

The Seafoams, which are the official work sock project at the moment, are being knit out of Ewetopian Fibers Hand Dyed Merino/Nylon Sock. It's wool from Ewetopia Farm--so I'm getting to create very locally produced socks. It is very sheepy sock yarn, sport weight (or excessively heavy fingering--take your pick), and this is a rare skein that Gypsy has wanted to lick/pummel/claim as her own. Which is why I'm knitting these solely at work.

*I did talk to the Brunette about his flip-tops. He was wearing his Dashing and mentioned several people at work have asked about them. We confirmed thumb plans and that he would like a snap or button or something to hold the flip back. Also, he'd like first knuckle individual fingers. I really must love this man. Restaurant Man was listening with interest, I suspect he'd like a pair too.

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