Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Dunk in the Frog Pond

Had a rather interesting mishap with the Lattice and Lace afghan. Apparently, at some point about 9 inches ago I shifted the pattern and decreased a four stitches.  I'm not exactly sure how that happened.  I'm going to blame eggnog. So I dropped just those end stitches and fished out a crochet hook to fix it...

Jan01 011

And I was really just going to do that, but I know I've made a couple other clutzy mistakes in the past few inches. Ones I had decided I could live with in an acrylic afghan that I'm going to give away five minutes after it's done to whichever of my friends speaks up the loudest. This assuming that the Incredibly-Patient-Mother doesn't want it. It does kind of work with her current living room decor....anyway, not the point.

I frogged. Frogged back to the row where I decided to shift things. I lost 9 inches of knitting, which isn't an unbearable amount but it's very sad.  Gypsy thought she should be allowed to attack the yarn while I'm unwinding it from the afghan and is presently shunning me because I said no.

Jan01 012

So I'm about 9" further along than I was when I first picked it up again at the Incredibly-Patient-Mother's house over Christmas. I'm attempting not to heave a deep, put upon sigh. 

Current afghan length: 32" w/o stretching

Jan01 013

Width is about 42" without stretching.  Because it has a sort of ribbed pattern it pulls in a bit so it will stretch to four feet wide without too much work.

I have this much left before I go back to burgundy.

Jan01 015

I have six skeins of burgundy and another pound or so of the rose.  I'm going to start with the ball and if I need the skein I'll use it. Otherwise the skein is leaving the house and being disavowed.

Jan01 016

Gypsy thinks the blanket should stay living here.

Jan01 017

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