Off the Needles: Young Woman at Conference....

One cannot, positively cannot, sit through conference sessions without something in one's hands. At least, I cannot. To prevent distraction and mental wandering off to where I might write a really strange short story that somehow involves the panel presenters, I took a small shawl project with me to the ALA Annual Conference in DC.

Everyone there saw it, I was constantly knitting across various events, in bars, while wandering the aisles, on the grand staircase. I even got to the lace before I got home. Only then I got home...and as travel projects are wont, apparently, the shawl became neglected. I needed to concentrate on it just enough that I couldn't take it to most meetings, Kiwanis luncheons, etc etc.  And certainly I've had plenty of tv knitting time, but meh...

Finally, with Don and Charlie Eppes (Season 4--I have two episodes left to watch), I finished it. 



Yarn: Wollmeise Okzident We're Different
Pattern: Old Man of Storr
Needles: Size 5 (xx mm)
Modifications: I'm not sure I did all of the repeats on the lace, I just did repeats until ran out of yarn.  I had a large grape sized ball of yarn left--enough for perhaps one more row but not two, which is what I would have needed. Perfect spacing. I think the pattern calls for you to increase on every single row-but that'd give you two extra stitches every time so I only did 4 stitches of increase on right side rows and none on wrong side.  Seemed okay. 

This was my first Wollmeise project. I like the yarn. It's a touch splitty but it's comfortable to work with and still tough. The colors are truly stunning.  I liked the pattern and would like to make it again, it works very well with a variegated yarn.  I have some other single skeins of sock yarn that might like to become this shawl. 


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