Friday, September 10, 2010

Still on the Needles

So y'all remember I started those mitts that were on a 9" circular and were going to be so cool....

And when I lost the 9" circular somewhere between work and the Food Coop?  Yup, it's gone.  After finishing Mitt 1, I'd stuffed the yarn/needle into my purse so I could cast on Mitt 2 and it completely disappeared. I turned my purse inside out.

So it's back to DPNs and I have to say I do still love them, even as fun and funky as it was knitting in a teeny weeny circle.


I don't really have any other news about it. It's not top priority so I'm doing a few rounds here and there but I think it'll be a while before it's done.  Right now it's sitting on the computer desk, mocking me. 

And since I enjoyed Stephanie Japel's City Shawl once...why not again?

It's a stashbuster and I have a lot of worsted weight yarn that could stand to be all used up.  I'm just waiting on one more skein of EcoWool for City Shawl #3

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