Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Old Stomping Ground

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if a yarn is blue and green and purple AND in the sale bin at Loopy--I am powerless to resist.

Especially when it's Lorna's Laces.


I saw C the other day and we were on a mission to get yarn for a very interesting pattern that she had shown me.  If I get permission when it's done, I'll link to a picture of it.  Trust me when I say it will be unusual and decadent. The silk-cashmere yarn she picked up as one of her yarn choices was softer than Gypsy's undercoat--which is truly saying something.

I strongly resisted the urge, even though Loopy had St. Denis yarns, even though WOW PINK was a colorway, even though it's the only in person store where I can get Malabrigo Twist.

Only then we went downstairs to the sale bin.


C and I lived in the north-east Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview, which is just by Wrigleyville/Wrigley Field. We were close enough to hear the cheers, deal with the Cubs traffic and pray that baseball season ended early so there were slightly fewer tipsy people stumbling around our street. Still, it's a lovely neighborhood with tons of little eateries and great shops and more breakfast places than you can count.

So to find a skein of the Lakeview colorway in the Lorna's Shepherd Worsted? It's already being set aside for a Meret.


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