Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April's Showers Bring Evenstars?

I swatched and then promptly ignored the Evenstar KAL that started the better part of 8 weeks ago? Something like that?

Finally, Sunday evening, I was called away from the computer screen for a while and I decided I'd at least better get the thing cast on. I rummaged through the large knitting bag of "what the hamsters is this?" but failed to find my size 3 4" wooden DPNs. I had to use the 7" metal DPNs. I'm sure the wooden needles are safely put somewhere so that I can use them for the if I can just figure out where I decided "safely" was.

I probably should have looked up the called for cast on but in all honesty, it's a circular shawl. A circular lace shawl whose whole purpose is to have holes all over it. Granted those holes are in a certain pattern, but still...I'm okay with having a hole in the middle of it.  If it drives me nuts when it's done, I'll figure something out. Or I'll give the shawl away.  No one getting a hand-knit lace weight shawl has any room to talk about holes.

*pauses to go look on the balcony at the cat, who has found that a chipmunk has a burrow by the patio beneath us* 

I made decent progress, I'm up to 144 stitches and through the first two rows of the chart. It's not miraculous but it's started and I now have a reason to turn on M*A*S*H or Pride and Prejudice or any of the other movies I have nearly memorized so I can concentrate on counting.

And it's on the circular needle now. I need to remember to pick up dental floss this week at the grocery.

This has taken the place of the planned April project for 2010 (which was a originally a sweater). At least I'm still shooting for one project a month.

I've scheduled this for April 7--which will be the 4th Annual KIP Day. So you can bet safe money that I will not be knitting Evenstar that day. I hope to have finished Orange Sock 1 by then and be working either on Orange Sock 2 or the foot of Colinette Sock 1. (I need better names) Those I can drop at a moment's notice to go draw raffle prizes.

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