Wednesday, November 27, 2013

All But Thumbs

It's the day before Thanksgiving and thankfully, I'm pretty sure I don't need to go to the grocery tonight.  There's the season's first quart of eggnog in the refrigerator and the Philosopher and I picked up a turkey and the traditional fixings and some wine, so we should be set.  We're going to be eating turkey leftovers from now until Valentines Day but hey, mid January, thawing out a large chunk of turkey and making chili is going to sound like a brilliant plan.

We have to have a brief moment of loss for the Tweety Bird stretch gloves I've been wearing the past couple of winters in the early-winter/late-winter it's not quite cold enough for my ski gloves periods.  They were your basic black glove except for a small plastic square with really random Tweety designs on them. Unfortunately, yesterday morning, they disappeared. I'm relatively sure I dropped them between getting off my train yesterday and getting to my building but by the time I realized that about four hours later, they were long gone.

Fortunately, I started those mitts last week! A baby shower and a couple of commutes later and ta da!

2013-11-27 09-37-33.649

I decreased a little too fast and funny on the flips and I don't have flips knit on the thumbs yet but they got worn to work today and none too soon. 15 degree weather calls for warm gloves.  My office is really chilly today, so I'm wearing them inside too.

2013-11-27 09-37-43.729

Here is where I am on the thumb so far. I had seriously thought about just making these fingerless mitts. My thumbtips are now loudly reminding me that making flips was a better idea.  Ideally, I would probably round up some conductive thread and just finish off the thumbs but in the absence of that, I'm planning on thumb flips.

2013-11-27 09-38-09.928

Misc close up shot of picking up the stitches for the flip. These were done as 1x1 rib all the way up and on the flip. This means they fit me, the Philsopher, pretty much anyone and everyone. Well, okay, not the Brunette, but that is just because his fingers are much longer than mine are.To do the picked up stitches I alternated picking up a knit stitch and backward looping for the purl stitches. Ultimately I only picked up 11 stitches on the back of each mitt. They seem anchored satisfactorily.

2013-11-27 09-38-23.408

And finally a flip picture.

These went really fast and now I want to knit all the mitts.  Hoping to drag out the ones for the Brunette and Husband this weekend.  They're DK weight, they'll go SUPER FAST.

Final details for these mitts:
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Medium Weight
Water One Off Colorway from (I think) the Rare Gems sale in May
Size 1.5, 2.5mm needles
One week to complete!

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