Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sock Show Thursday: Natty Navy

I've been dealing with a pinched nerve this week that has meant a whole lot of strangeness when it comes to knitting. Everything appears to be healing and fine, yes I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, yes I've already ruled out heart attack symptoms that show up in women but not men.  And I've been able to knit, I've just been incredibly whiny while doing so. The Philosopher has had to listen to a lot of complaints about my arm not feeling right.

Right now there are three pair of socks on the needles and you've seen absolutely none of them. Sorry about that.  Close your eyes and imagine the leg of a black 2x2 rib sock, just about ready for the heel turn, on size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles. That's the first pair. The second pair is out of Berroco Sox that I picked up at the now-closed Knitter's Niche.


I'm working that up on size 0 (2.0) needles. It's also nearing a heel turn.  Neither of those have gotten much play because they are at that heel turn stage and while I can turn heels like a pro in public, I'd rather do it at a point where I don't have to pay attention.

That means this week has been all about some navy socks. Navy appears to be in this summer? I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I know navy is a neutral but inevitably I have a harder time pairing blue pants than I do black or brown with shoes/blouses/etc.


These are being knit up on some Crystal Palace size 0 (2.0mm) needles. I had another meeting after this photo was taken and so I've just begun the heel flap of the first sock after completing a six inch cuff.


These are being knit up out of Louet Gems, which has been marinating in the stash for a good long while. This yarn was, as I best recall, supposed to be gloves or mittens or some such. But as I've hit the point of wanting to clear out some stash and using up yarn that I like but isn't extra-super-hooray, socks it is. They're mindless, they're progressing relatively quickly, and they make excellent gifts to those who appreciate the time/hours/and 20K stitches.

Adventures in horticulture continue. The spider plant finally is actually starting to look like a plant rather than a rather sketchy collection of dying leaves and non-dying ones.


I notice now that it's listing a bit towards the window so I'll have to remember to rotate regularly. It could use a little more soil, so I'll have to bring in baggie of potting soil or something. My coworkers won't find that weird will they?

But there's other plant news. Last fall the Incredibly-Patient-Mother had brought me a set of three pots that all had interesting little plants in them. Gypsy thought they were delicious.  I had noticed that one pot, which had held a small tree, was valiantly trying to regenerate and I brought it to work.  It promptly died and was sitting unnoticed in a corner of my cube for a couple of weeks.  Then I noticed this:


I've watered it and put it back in the window to see if it comes back.

Finally--who wants a clipping off of my Wandering Jew? This plant is going to take over the entire building if I'm not careful.

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