Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another Flax Light...

I've adopted another pattern as "thing I make 15-20 of"  The groan you heard was AudioGirl, who usually sees these coming but then has to spend 2-3 years prying me out of my very comfortable knitting rut. Sorry, dearest...I'm squarely in this rut for a bit.

I bought this yarn a few years ago at Loopy Yarns (before it changed owners). At the time, I had the intent of making a matched set: hat, gloves, scarf for myself. And then I sat and stared at the yarn for several years. Eventually I decided that this was not the plan for this yarn but then what does one do with perfectly acceptable stash.

Apparently one knits a sweater out of it.

This is as close as I can get to the correct color and it's from a train ride home recently. I was still on the raglan increases at that point I think. 

Today, after two episodes of the KnitGirllls last night and one of Vera, I've managed to cast off the body. For those trying to guess at measurements, this is the 4-6 year size. I've got several little people in my life who should be around that size this winter and I have a feeling bright teal will probably look better on one of them than it will on me. 

I've picked up the first sleeve in an attempt to not get completely sidetracked as I did with the Flax Light that I knit last summer. Started last summer anyway. I got the body done and then promptly didn't do anything with it and it's been in the bottom of the WIP basket for a solid year + now, which is a pity because it's black with rainbows. Fortunately, friends keep having babies so I can get it finished once I'm done with this teal one and then it'll be off to a new home. I just have to figure out what size exactly I was knitting (guess who didn't write it down!!!)

The one odd thing is that the pattern calls for 750 yards. I'm not going to go through nearly that much wool. At current progress, it'll be closer to 500 yards.  My measurements all seem to be fine, and while it has plenty of drape it doesn't seem to be too loose a gauge. Not sure why I'm using so much less wool. The sleeves won't take *that* much.... 

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