Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sock Show Thursday: Greenly Yours

It's Thursday and the only thing I have knit on this week is hey, sock show! After a highly productive Monday and some decent added rows on Tuesday, the toe up socks got left at home.

I am close to the top and being done and I had a couple of stretches for knitting on Wednesday. I didn't want to run out or need to carry two projects or be trying to count rows, so the socks are sitting next to my laptop.

 Instead, I am back to working on the green socks! It is nearly St. Patrick's Day so they feel appropriate again. These are top down, on size 1(2.25mm) needles, and it's the second sock of the pair, so I feel quite like I am zooming along. Which might be over estimating it a hair. But I have been increasingly eyeing my stash and I would like to get a couple of projects out of the in progress bin and free up some needles and space.

 Ha, yes I crack me up too. It's a lovely idea but I know eventually there will just be more projects in the needles. In the interim though, I am making sock progress!

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