Saturday, August 29, 2015

To Market

I continue to crank away at grocery bags.  The last two I've finished have been on the morning commute, so they're sitting in my office.  I need to drag them home and weave in the ends.

I'm working off of 1 lb cones and while it's gratifying to watch the pounds diminish quickly, it's not my preferred way to work. I feel like I spend half of my time pulling yarn off the cone and it's really not convenient for the train. I'm making it work, though.

As I was running out of the ivory yarn, I topped the last ivory bag with green.

IMG_7637 (2)

Now I've finished 2 more bags in that green and I have a third one that is just ready for the decreases, but I've run out of the cone, so it will be set aside while I work on another color. The final bag will be all of the leftovers, but that's 1.5 lbs of bulky cotton away.  And then I have two more pounds of worsted weight cotton, so I'll be crocheting for a while yet.

A colleague asked about how long a single bag takes--the bulky weight ones are about one full commute or ~3 hours. I assume it'd be faster if I wasn't trying to hop around trains and wrangle things but that's as close a measurement as I have at the moment.

 The neapolitan bags are off to their new home, I'll have to ask around and see who wants the green and ivory bags.

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