Sunday, May 17, 2015

To the Wire: Loopy Academy Semester 2 Progress

I almost put progress in scare quotes, though those are ridiculously overused, but I do have actual progress to discuss, so it's not an untruth.

The end of semester 2 for Loopy Academy Freshman year is fast upon us, only another 2 weeks remaining.  Many people are long done and have submitted their projects already, I'm going to be in the final round of uploaders, trying to get things in under the wire. That's for 3 reasons: (1) I greatly underestimated how long my shawl would take; (2) I have been avoiding the felting and slipped stitches projects because I don't really care about either of them; and (3) knitting for some reason doesn't get done when I set things aside and wander off for a couple of months.

Yes, it's true, I'm not especially enthused about my felting project or my slipped stitches project. I don't like felted projects and it was an extra blow to see on Ravelry that my original plan: the French Press felted slippers, didn't use up the required amount of yarn. I know people who adore felted things but I am not one of them so I've been finding all sorts of excuses to work on socks or other projects instead.

Finally today I've cast on a wine bottle cozy. It'll use up the yarn, go quickly, felt downstairs in the washer (don't worry, I'll use a pillow case) and then be a hostess gift or some such.

The shawl is finally churning along nice (see: actually needed to knit on it).  On Friday on my commute home I cast off the body. Now I just need to spend another hour weaving in ends before I pick up and start on the ruffle. Time to review the Yarn Harlot's tutorial on "pick up and knit" (as opposed to just pick up)  I've got a full skein left in each color--more of the darker blue-- but I figure if I just use those up I'll be even on each side and if I run out during bind off, I'm covered.  I'm considering binding off the ruffle in the opposite color. Maybe. We'll see.  The ruffle is going to take a while though so that will have to be commute knitting this week.

I don't have much of an excuse as to why I haven't been working on the slipped stitches project. Ennui probably. I ended up choosing a hat and it will be lovely and most likely will dash off to the gift bin. I love the color--an icy aqua--but I just haven't been able to get excited about it. I'm hoping that casting on will help. It's unlikely to hurt things.

I'm taking the summer off, not doing Camp Loopy so I can just focus on Stash Dash (which starts next Friday!!) and getting older projects done rather than just more new projects. Then maybe this fall for Sophomore Year I'll stick to just the yardage Sheri and TLE is requiring rather than trying to do a giant project (1000 yards when I only needed 175?).  Perhaps.

And now I have an annoyed gray feline who would like me to realize that her dinner is 12 minutes late and this is an abomination unto Nuggan.

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