Monday, March 2, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

After a brief joyful adrenaline spike this morning left me debating if I could crawl under my desk and sleep until next week, I concluded unsurprisingly that I'm not 100% recovered. I am, however, entirely fascinated with my new project.

It's my Contrast and Complement! It's garter stitch but does require a bit of concentration to make sure you're increasing at the correct spots and didn't just blow past the stitch marker you were supposed to care about.

I've just finished repeat 5, the designer charted up to 20. Not sure I have that much yarn (also have to do a big ruffle) but I still have quite a lot of my first two skeins.

And for the curious, it's Navy and Alaska Sky (dark blue, light blue). No other color wars needed.

Wollmeise planning is still happening and at some point I need to get back to the socks I'm knitting, the other shawl that's feeling neglected, etc etc.

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