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I've been carrying around my knitting as a talisman more than I've been working on it.  In the better part of a month I've managed to knit most of a sock and less than 50 rows on a shawl. The sock goes back and forth to work every day and probably has some serious resentment for my tablet, on which I read or have been playing games. At work it only has made it out of my purse on some days--waiting instead as I fling myself from meeting to meeting.

On one hand I desperately want to knit. I know it will calm me down, soothe a brain that has been tossed a whole lot of curve balls thus far in 2015. On the other, I just haven't cared. Someone out there just spit tea all over their keyboard. Sorry about that.  But I haven't much wanted to knit. I get a twinge of "ooh I want to make a sweater" and then my to do list bites my hand.

Part of it, I think, is that while normally I use my knitting as a way to let my brain work through things, of late my thoughts have …


I didn't knit yesterday. That strikes me, now on day 2 of the new year, as odd.  I knit on New Years Eve, starting a pair of socks at S&K's party as I always seem to.  They always throw a great party and I always seem to have wrapped up all of my portable knitting, frantically having finished it for the holidays and whatnot. So I grab whatever skein is handy and stuff it in a project bag and, sitting at their kitchen bar, cast on what is both my last and first knitting.

This year, it's Baah! La Jolla in the Purple colorway. Perhaps not the most fascinating of names but it's accurate.

I bought this yarn from Loopy in Chicago when they were still carrying Baah! I was disappointed that they stopped carrying it, the colors just scream at you from the wall and then you want all of them.  Fortunately, there are other sources.

I've not made any knitting resolutions this year. There's the vague general wish of getting the stash a little smaller so it fits more nea…