Sunday, June 1, 2014

Well, now what?

I finished the toe of the Emergency Work Socks yesterday.


They are my usual 1x1 Vanilla Rib socks, knit out of KPPPM on size 0 (2.0mm) needles. 68 stitches, about 70 rows on the leg (71 I think, but I'm not going back to count). They took 4 months to knit as work socks. I think they only came home twice, though those trips did equal a fair amount of knitting.


It does raise a small question of what I am going to knit as socks now. I think I'd best go through the wool stash and pull out five or six skeins that are definitely meant to be socks and get them wound up today, as currently I have no socks on the needles.

Ahh, yes, the hand in the back, yes, I did end up ripping out the socks I was working on last week and starting a small triangle shawl sort of based on Age of Brass and Steam.  It's coming along, more pictures soon.  And that means that all of my socks are finished.  Presently.

A quick look thorugh Ravelry identifies a few skeins yet to become socks and I need to dig those out.  Meetings will yet abound and I do plan to get through at least 6 more pair this year.

I'm halfway now, a month early, through a full 6 pair.

Or maybe I'll start hauling the sweaters back and forth again.... one does rather get more progress done on those when they are actively being knit upon.

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