Thursday, June 5, 2014

Magic Knitting Elves (Or lack thereof)

I keep hoping that if I leave this scarf out somewhere that magical knitting elves will appear and finish it up.  Sadly, the Philosopher and the cats have not taken the hint and done a few rows for me, so I'm still only halfway through the brown section.


I do like this half of the scarf much better than the first half. Part of that is probably the fact that I looked at the light pink half in unfinished shawl giving me guilt form for a couple of years but also I think it's blending and shifting between the red and the brown more smoothly and with less abruptness. The colors are closer together overall and that helps.


This yarn is giving me excellent stitch definition though and it should be interesting when finished. Interesting and then off to the gift bin.  If I can finish it up this week it will put me over the 20% mark for The KnitGirllls 5K and that would be a good place to be in the first week of June. Of course, it helps if I pack in on the train and work on it during the commute rather than staring wistfully at it and leaving it by the bedside hoping for those elves...

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