Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flannel, Brass, and Steam

In between the most recent pair of socks, I've been working on the first of the neck scarves requested by the Philosopher.  I was also trying to use up at least a bit of the yarn that I bought at YarnCon last year so I didn't feel quite so guilty about going and buying more this year. I wouldn't have felt much guilt, but it seemed appropriate to at least try.

I pulled out a pattern I've considered and set aside a few times: The Age of Brass and Steam kerchief.  While it's simplicity has been appealing, I've known that for myself I'd need to make it far larger and I just haven't wanted to work on it. Now, here was a perfect opportunity to do a one skein piece.

The yarn is from Sophie's Toes, and is dyed by Emily Parson, who has really lovely color sense and is an absolutely nice person as well. This colorway, handpicked last year by the Philosopher, is Flannel.

IMG_6974 (2)
I mostly followed the pattern.  After the second eyelet repeat I rather gave up on how often one is supposed to wait in between eyelet row counting and just stuffed in another row when I felt it was time. I also didn't go back to the pattern when I hit the bindoff, though I think I did something along the lines of what it calls for.  The last eyelet row and a couple of rows of garter stitch does help it lay flat at the bottom.

There's some nice pooling in the reds and blacks but not intrusively so. It got blocked and Gypsy immediately sat on the wet yarn for a while.  Why that cat feels it's nice to sit on wet piece of wool fabric with a fan blowing at you when it's still cold enough that the radiators are going I will never understand.

I'm not sure how much wear it will get this spring as we're finally starting to reach nicer weather and the Philosopher is very ready to shed any and all extra layers possible. I'll see if a picture is possible in the fall though--from a distance--while  he's not paying attention. He's not much of one for photos, preferring to be on the other side of the lens.

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