Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sock Show Thursday: February is Finished


I did actually finish these on the 28th! It required some concentrated time on the train but they're done and ends will be woven in shortly so they can be washed and added to the Philosopher's drawer.

These are the Philosoten Socks. They were knit on size 1(2.25mm) needles out of Fiber Optic Foot Notes in the Catamaran colorway. I recommend clicking through on the colorway---I'm having a really hard time getting all of the subtlety of the color to show on  my camera.


I knit the first one entirely in January and in the month of February managed to complete the second one. First of all, that does point to my having knit on a lot of other things during February: the pool cookies scarf, a giant alpaca cowl you haven't seen, the pink/burgendy afghan.  It also points to the crazy busy schedule at work--too often I just sat on the train staring out the windows.


They're my usual 1x1 rib pattern, flap gusset heel, regular toe.  Pair 59 total.  The yarn continues to be a base I really enjoy and Kimber's (Fiber Optic's) colors are amazing and vibrant. They've been a welcome pop of color against the dreary outdoors.

Gypsy provided the cat fur for this photo shoot.

It's probably the last pair of socks I'll knit for him for a while. No, nothing's wrong, he's just asked for some colorful bandannas that he can wear with his black t-shirts. I've made a diligent trek through Ravelry and we picked out some interesting patterns. I'll either be starting with a skein that I need to go rip out--I'd knit it into a Sockhead but neither of us are going to wear it and he likes the yarn--or that red/black Wollmeise that I bought earlier this year.

The emergency work socks continue apace and I've picked out some Bugga! from the stash for my March socks.

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