Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Finished Sweater

I promised pictures of the green sweater.  I don't have any of me wearing it, yet, and that may have to wait as I'm sorting out shrinking it a bit, etc.


This is the Madison pattern. I knit the 34" size, though in retrospect I probably should have knit the 32".  As you can see, I left off the second ruffle and the toggles--at least for now. I might be adding a closure.

IMG_6902 (2)

The yarn was Filatura Lanarota Wool Sprinkles from Smiley's in New York. I have a dozen skeins in brown as well. The base color is fine and I like the pops of red/blue/dark green but it does make this a more casual yarn. It's better for a sweater meant to be worn with jeans rather than a dress skirt.  It's wool, not superwash.

The sleeves fit really well, though they are long enough that I can fold up most of the cuff, so between my not adjusting the pattern (I do not have short arms btw) and the yarn growing...long cuffs!

IMG_6903 (2)

Cat fur provided by Gypsy.

It's a well written pattern, and she advises that you go for a smaller size, so that was on me. Also, I probably should have swatched.

Ahh well, big slouchy sweater works too.

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