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Out of the Darkness

I've noticed the past few days that we're fully back to waking up in the light and, if I leave work on time, I at least get out of my building before it's dark. It's unlikely I can get home in the light--yet--but it's a start.

While I've been neglecting the socks floating around Chez Hedgehog and as I've been eyeballing new sweater patterns, I have spent time on a project I started in 2010: the Pool Cookies Scarf. Long time readers may remember this from a 3.5 year old post.  And really it's not any different, just finally longer.

It doesn't look too different, still that odd kind of double helix spiral/pooling thing happening through the pink, brown and white.  

I am up to about 3.5 feet of scarf now, at least I think I am.  I am intrigued yet again with how much faster a project can get towards completion when I actually work on it.  

I think part of the reason it got shoved into the never never world of the bottom of the stash was that I'm no…

Candidates and Puddles

Nearly the only thing I've done for the past month is interview people.  I have officially become a very hard person to impress and it's been incredibly draining.  I'm looking forward to March and sitting in my cube like a lump for 1-2 whole hours at a time answering email in a way I can't hardly describe. I might even get back to my research writing.

There's been progress on the Philosopher's socks. I'm through the heel on Sock 2 so it's possible that I might get through an entire sock in the month of February.  3 socks in January, 1 in February.  Yeah, I'm not impressed with me either.

Nor has there been much in the way of work on the Emergency Sock Knitting that's adorning my desk.  I make it through one needle's worth of stitches here and there and pretend to myself it's a row rather than merely 1/3rd of one.

I know, though, that those thirds of rows will add up and I'll be at a heel turn someday.  You know, in October.  When …