Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Paucity of Mojo

We're mostly thru the super cold snap that charged into Chicago this week. I'm still wearing my hat but not totally yanked down around my ears with a scarf entirely muffling my face.

Knitting mojo has been really low this week. I took a couple of projects with me to Vegas over last weekend and yes, I knit in the casinos. Gambling doesn't appeal to me (as I told the Incredibly Patient Mother, all I could think was how much yarn I could buy with that money) but I'll hang out and the Philosophers friends and the dealers were all charmed and curious about the current sock.

Mostly, though, we were busy and in the days since we got back little has been done. Our return travel day, Monday, saw our flight three hours delayed due to the rain/ice/weather in the area and after landing at 12:15 a.m., we found an iced car! Hooray. Fortunately one door opened so I could dig out the scraper and the Philosopher, who had slightly warmer clothes on and mittens, could scrape things off while I sat in the car with the heater going full blast and slowly melting things from the inside.  With that kind of reentry and getting to bed at 3 a.m. rather than the 11 p.m. we'd hoped for, we've both gotten through what we have to for work and that's about it. 

I think we're hoping for a 7 p.m. bedtime tomorrow so we can get a solid night's sleep before a very full weekend ahead.  

While we were in Vegas I finished sock one of Pair 13. Hmm, you haven't seen those yet.  And there are no pictures to show you.  And it's 9 p.m. and I'm in bed with bad lighting.  So, picture a shaded red yarn, knit in my usual 1x1 ribbed sock.  Now picture Sock 2 as a dozen rows of ribbing.  Tada!  

The muppet scarf is off the needles and waiting for a bath. 

And with the cold, I keep dreaming of new mittens and matching hat and mittens and all the things I want to knit this winter so I'm warm and stylish and everyone I love is also warm and stylish with fresh hats and mitts and scarves. I wonder if I'll get that home-self-cloning kit for Christmas so I can duplicate me... 

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