Friday, May 17, 2013

Into the Wild

I sent at least two pieces of knitting into the wild today. I say at least two because at 7 a.m. I wasn't going to try and have a truly coherent chat with a half-asleep Philosopher about the appropriateness of a scarf.

Two pieces of my knitting are flying to Florida today as gifts for the Philosopher's parents. While not new, these projects have obviously been underway for a while, actually releasing them is a lot more terrifying than I expected.

Knitting for other people is often difficult and it's one of the reasons I won't do paid-for knitting. I'll barter, infrequently, but in general if I'm knitting for others it's for people I dearly love and who have expressed interest in receiving knitted things.

So, my mother, boyfriend, siblings, and several of my dearest friends regularly get things. One of my research partners gets infrequent socks. Periodically I'll sit down and knit something for someone who hasn't gotten anything before if yarn or pattern strikes me as "for them."

PhilosoMomandDad? I've not met them in person as yet. And they live in Florida, so hand knits as defense against the weather aren't quite as important as they are in Chicago. Defense against the air conditioning maybe....


The Ground Up Muppet Socks are off to PhilosoMom and for PhilosoDad I've sent a shawl that I started five years ago.  The shawl was the Philosopher's idea, I trust his judgement of things his parents will like.  He also picked out the sock yarn for his mom.


The shawl is huge, five feet from back of the neck to tip, about a 6' wing span. It's knit out of Ewe-Phoria yarns, which is some of the first yarn I ever bought on the internet. I got it off of Ebay while I still lived in New York. Originally I started it as a prayer shawl for BlondeMom but she's allergic to wool and I had to change gears mid project. And so it languished, waiting for edging and some love. It got a 10 row garter edging on the sides and was blocked not extremely aggressively on the dining room floor. I had to cover it with towels so certain felines didn't turn it into a work 75% wool; 25% cat fur.

I hope they'll love the projects. I hope they'll understand how many hours it takes to do all of that knitting. I hope he remembers to remind them that handwashing would be best for these. Both projects are knit out of superwash but I'm still paranoid.

The third piece is a malabrigo scarf that I whipped up for the gift bin sometime last year. I was using up leftovers with Franklin Habit's Faucet pattern. It goes super quickly with worsted weight and size 9 needles. I left it for the Philosopher to decide if the graduating DO would appreciate it. If not, I may send him a hat later on, he'll be in Ohio for a while and it gets chilly there.

For now, I have to get back to a baby blanket and a pair of socks.

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