Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sock Show Thursday: Can She Pull Ahead?

I was really excited to be coming into the third month of the year ahead on my sock knitting. With a vague plan to finish at least one pair of socks every month, I already was nearly thru 2 pairs and well on my way. And then socks go missing* and life gets in the way and suddenly it's nearly mid-March and I have very little sock knitting done on any pair that would like to claim the title of 3rd pair.

But I do have a little work to show you and hopefully my usual sock knitting skills will kick back in soon. Perhaps I can find a couple of webinars that I need to listen to for work....

I don't think you've seen either of these socks yet. First up, I'm working on yet another pair for the Philosopher. He's on his sixth pair of socks. Is there some kind of sock knitting equivalent that equals a sweater? I hope not.  

This is the last of the BMFA surprise yarn, which in my mind means that I'm running low on BMFA. In actuality I have several skeins of BMFA and a lot of other sock yarn but the artificial scarcity keeps ticking in my head and I know it's time to get out another half dozen skeins of yarn from the stash and wind them up "for next."  Because obviously I'm going to finish these two pair of socks in the next 45 minutes.  


I'm doing the 1x1 rib again on size 1.5, 2.5 mm needles. This is the first sock. It is living in the black and white polkadot bag from Piddleloop, who I'm looking forward to seeing in a couple of weeks here in Chicago for YarnCon. 

The other socks I've mentioned but they've seen a lot less love. I'm doing these on size 1 needles (2.25 mm), which felt so huge after working on size 0 needles but the progress on them has been slower than I'd hoped. I think I assumed that they'd magically get worked on at home, where they've been living, but that spontaneous production has all gone into the hat I blogged about earlier this week.  Probably time to work them into the going-to-work rotation...


The yarn is Blue Ridge Yarns Kaleidoscope and these are for me. I say that publicly now so I don't get three quarters of the way down the foot and change my mind. I want more socks in my rotation (now that we're rapidly approaching spring, of course) so I'm claiming these as selfish knitting.

I have ordered some new size 0 (2mm) needles to replace the lost ones and those should arrive from The Loopy Ewe soon. Y'all should be very impressed that I bought size 0 circs and DPNs and NO YARN AT ALL.  I'm trying to wait until Yarn Con.

*I did call the bar, they did not have my bag with knitting in it.  Hopefully it's gone to a new home.  

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