Friday, March 22, 2013

Knitting on the Horizon

(No good knitting pictures today, so here's a photo of that little twig that was just starting to come back a few months ago. It's a happy little fern now.)

I've made a ton of progress on those teal/black socks since last week. Along with Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett in my earbuds, they've been making the commute and that lends itself to a fair amount of knitting, assuming I get a seat.

Of course, I'm now referring to everyone as "Our Jason" and burst into laughter frequently for no apparent reason, which seems to trouble other CTA riders. I'm about done with the heel flap on the second sock (see, told you there was progress) and then it's just the foot to go, so I should be able to finish that in the next 9 days prior to month's end. Maybe, if I'm very diligent, I can get back to the pair for the Philosopher and get a bit ahead for April.

YarnCon finally posted their teaching schedule. I considered the drop spindle class but decided against it for now. We're only three months into this year of hope that I can cut down the stash a bit and doing something guaranteed to send me into a fit of buying all the fiber probably isn't my wisest move.  Besides, the vendors at YarnCon look interesting enough on their own.

Also, the sockhead hat is done and blocked. I still need to weave in the ends and deposit it in the gift bin for future gifting.

I have at least one new knitting deadline: the Blonde is having a second child. Her first, a now 2.5 year old, got a log cabin baby blanket. I know that blanket got pretty regularly used, so I don't mind the prospect of another knitted gift for her. I haven't decided yet if it will be a blanket or baby sweater or what.  Whatever I do, it needs to get started very soon so it's done before the baby is!

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  1. Such a cute little fern! YarnCon looks so exciting, classes or not. I haven't been to a fiber-related convention as of yet, but I would like to!


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