Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hat Top

I'd promised a picture of the top of the latest Sockhead hat.


Tada. It's gone off to live in the gift bin until further notice.

I like how the spiral came out on top. Philosopher has confirmed that it does not fit the average adult male head, so this will be limited to a female or child sized person instead.

The remainders of the yarn are headed for the leftovers bin and officially out of the real yarn bins.  We won't discuss the amount of yarn ends presently taking up space as leftovers. It's not all that much, but a very real dread of weaving in ends on a huge blanket or having to seam a huge blanket make me reticent to tackle it. Plus, the Philosopher keeps saying he'd like to make more monsters and/or mochi mochi and leftovers are great for those.

I did, last weekend, get out the pink/burgundy afghan again. That project is such an albatross. A few hours on it and I thought I'd make a dent but I am realizing a) it's not going to be as wide as I'd like and b) if I actually knit it up to the length of all of the yarn I have, it will strongly resemble an afghan the Incredibly Patient Mother made during my early childhood--wide enough for one person and really long. I haven't decided if duplicating said afghan (although mine would be in a much more detailed pattern and pink rather than blue) is a good idea. Perhaps a weekend marathon knitting while watching Firefly or some such would help me decide.

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  1. Oooh. Doing anything while watching Firefly is a good idea. Such an awesome show, and unfortunately short-lived.


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