Monday, August 29, 2011

Who Wears Dark Socks?

Some days I'm very hard on myself about how much knitting I do--or rather how much I don't do. I look at friends who knit, bloggers, certain sisters, and other people and I wonder what I'm doing wrong, or why I'm not as productive as they are.  Part of it has to do with a lot of work obligations and a morning commute that doesn't allow for knitting (packed in like sardines on a lurching train doesn't lend itself...), part of it in that it isn't my job, part of it is a social life that doesn't always lend itself to knitting--though friends, family, coworkers, and many complete strangers will try to convince you that I knit everywhere.

I have to remind myself then that knitting is supposed to be my craft, my hobby, the thing I do to relax and because I enjoy it--not because I'm obligated to do it. Knitting, or thinking about knitting, shouldn't be something the prompts guilt. I haven't quite figured out how to make that all work but I keep reminding myself and hoping that eventually it'll kick in.

Things are slowly stitching along at Chez Hedgehog. The primary project to receive work of late has been a pair of black socks for the Incredibly-Patient-Mother. She wears a lot of black socks and it's really her preference. She's been willing to wear some of the extra brightly colored ones I've knit her thus far but I know she'd really like something basic that isn't going to show with the black socks and pants she wears most of the time. 

Today I managed to get sock 2 cast on! I'd finished sock 1 over the weekend, going to have her try it on when she comes to visit in a week or so.  We had a 90 minute (actual time 105 ish) all staff meeting this morning and I huddled in a corner and worked 2x2 rib while hearing about people who have retired, staffing shifts, and a few new positions that we'll be hiring! Hooray for hiring! I'm on the search committee for at least one position, I have a feeling that's going to be a lot of reading of resumes and a lot of meetings. 

These black socks are pair number 13 on the needles for 2011.  The Rainbow Stripe socks got a little love over the weekend, though I'm still not quite to the toe on Sock 2 and I apparently need to rip out the toe of Sock 1 and add just a handful more rows. 

I have, however, swatched for the sweater, made a small project, and gone to a yarn festival. So if I can just survive through the rest of the work that needs to be done today, perhaps I can spend a couple hours getting some pictures taken and show you the new shiny things I have. 

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