Wool in the Muggy City

Now, you didn't think I managed to go to New Orleans and not acquire wool, did you?  Really?

The worst part is I wasn't even trying. I had gotten directions to walk to one of the Louisiana State Museums that is on Jackson Square. I set off out of my hotel, turned at the appropriate corners, stopped at CVS for sunscreen....

And then I saw a sign ahead of me. A needlepoint shop. I don't know many people who do needlepoint but it made more sense than holding an afghan's worth of bulky weight wool in my lap. I slowed just a bit to peer in the windows as I strolled past.

Next thing you knew I was inside the store because I could see the yarn!!

I'd found the Quarter Stitch.


The three ladies and adorable bichon mutt that were there were lovely.  There wasn't a huge selection of wool and nearly all of it was stuff I could get here in Chicago pretty easily. They did have a bit of locally dyed cotton but a) I own way too much cotton b) the skeins were pretty but not quite me and c) they were rather pricey--though good yardage.

I picked up one skein only. One skein of Colinette Jitterbug. I discovered this yarn some time ago and I love it. I think her color sense is gorgeous and I have four colors that some day will turn into a lovely progressing fall tree shawl. I'd planned to use Charlotte's Web, but I haven't fully decided yet.
This is a rich luscious shade of purple called Velvet Bilberry.  It's her new larger put up--400 yards in 150 grams and is priced more expensively because of it.  I'm looking forward to it being part of a beautiful shawl.

The ladies did a lovely job of wrapping it up too! Super cute.  Wish I could have stayed and knitted but there were things to see and conferencing to do.


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