Hedgehog Got a Brand New Bag....

If you watch any of the knitting videocasts that abound of late, you've probably heard of the Piddleloop Girls and their fabulous bags. This pair of sisters are turning out quality project bags that we can't seem to get enough of. Presently, I have three and they are in constant rotation.

The most recent on that I acquired came out of a conversation with Jen (half of the Piddleloop team) on Plurk. She'd mentioned that she was going fabric shopping and was there anything she should keep an eye out for?  I think her fabric trips must be the best ever--she gets to buy all of that novelty fabric that I look at and wonder what on earth I'd ever sew it into.  I, of course, asked for something of the hedgehog persuasion.

While there was no new hedgehog fabric acquired, Jen recalled some in their stash. She and sis went digging and turned up some fabric. I saw a picture and put in a custom order for a large wedge bag.

Here it is!!


It's big enough to hold three skeins of sock yarn, so plenty big for a medium sized project, though perhaps not a full sweater.


And it has hedgehogs!! It's very well sewn and I love the polkadot fabric on the inside.

Check their etsy store often, the dog and cat bags tend to sell out really fast!


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