Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No Really, There Has Been Knitting

I keep feeling like I'm not actually getting any knitting done. I am --it's just charts and lace and 200+ stitch rows and those take a little longer than your average sock round.

The Summer Mystery Shawl by WendyKnits has seen all the majority of the knitting time and love of late. I've made it through the first two charts and the first twelve rows of the first repeat of chart 3--or the third clue depending how you're following along.

The pattern is wonderfully clear and easy to follow. Wendy's charts are a breeze to read.  I'm using a minimal 4 stitch markers and haven't had to tink back too many times and then only a few stitches from passing distraction.

I can definitely feel the 20% nylon that's in the Fiber Optics Yarn.  It's not bad, just different.  I've been working with a lot more blends of late or 100% cotton and I find it very interesting how noticeable the difference in hand is as I am working. The yarn is wonderfully vibrant and should look beautiful when finished.


As you can see, I'm making a decent dent in the skein of yarn. Fortunately, each row is getting shorter. This should use up most of the skein though.


And I did take the Languishing Socks back to work and I might have a meeting where I can squeeze a row or two in on Wednesday. I'm through the heel of Sock 2 I think? Maybe?  I'll check and let you know.

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