Sunday, May 22, 2011

We Must, We Must, We Must Reduce Our Stuff

Remember how I said in January I was going to knit up 20K this year?  It's nearly June and I'm at 2.5K. This does not bode well for the stashing down, especially when I go on woolly binges and end up with enough sock yarn to outfit a ship. Sock yarn may not count as official stash but it does take up room in the office. 

Obviously I need a little healthy competition to keep me going, get me back on track and get things rolling. Enter the KnitGirllls--Leslie and Laura. I watch their vodcast every week and was stunned how Laura managed to knit through 50 skeins of yarn last summer. Granted, she's a school librarian and has a little more time than those of us still at work all day and by her own admission, she plowed through a lot of bulkier yarns.  It's far faster to use up all of the bulky weight than it is all of the fingering when one is on a deadline.  This year, the mission is 5K of yarn between 5/27 and 8/15--which is Laura's summer break. There's plenty of cheating allowed (you can finish a languishing project after the 27th and count all the yardage) but I'm hoping it will inspire me to get a few things off the needles and maybe get a little more back on track.  Also, I have all that cotton that needs to be knit up. 

Such it is I am joining the ladies. I'm working on various projects this week but will dutifully not be finishing anything before Friday.  Then, all stops are out and I'm going to be seeing just how much I can bind off.  So keep an eye on the Knit Meter ---> over there ----> and I'll be reporting in.  If you'd like to play along too, please sign up for the group on Ravelry and join the Stash Dash.

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