Two Quick Things: Help it Grow and Socks

Hey---just two quick things for this afternoon:

Thing 1:
My former place of work, La Crosse Public Library, is working towards their Annual Knitting in Public Day. This used to be my baby, so it's interesting to see how it's changed now that I've left and who has taken it on. There's a remote chance I'll get to go but right now that's still extremely vague.

They are doing a "Knit to the River" project--with a goal of a knitted scarf that would reach from the library building to the Mississippi. Currently they are at 30% of their goal.  It's very easy-- cast on 20 stitches on size 8 (5mm) needles and go to town.  The collected pieces will be turned into blankets after the project is over.  If you're interested, check the facebook link above. We're on a tight timeline--pieces are due June 7 but there is a holiday weekend coming up.

Thing 2:
This is what happens when I realize that I still haven't bound of toes on all of the socks being currently knitted so I can start a second of a pair or whatnot.

I now have 5 pair of socks on the needles.


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