Monday, May 23, 2011

Sock Onward....

When last we left the intrepid hedgehog, she was knitting her way through the Medical Library Association conference.  Knitting has continued but we've noticed quite the slowing down since she's gotten back to Chicago. Pesky things like work, sleeping, feeding the cat, and needing to answer emails just keep getting in the way.

Socks 1: The Corn Socks

Getting there! We're getting there. I'm through the gusset on the 2nd sock and working down the foot. I've got another couple inches to go before I start the toe.  I am very ready for these to be off the needles.

Socks 2: The New Green Socks

These have seen absolutely no knitting time and love. I started working on the toe of sock one, realized I didn't have the time to futz around with the toe and stuffed them back in their project bag. Then I realized I'd only brought that one sock--the other ball of wool was still at Chez Hedgehog in Chicago. So I ignored them for the rest of the conference. Now I'm home and have access to the wool, I'll get this one off the needles in short order.

Socks 3: Indulgent Green

I am slightly further. I bound off the toe of the first sock and have done a few rounds on the second sock. I lost a day last week when the sheer need for sleep kept me in bed until 2:30 p.m. on Thursday (I'm fine, needed extra sleep post conference). The Bugga yarn is SO squishy and so very very indulgent. Part of me is sad that this is becoming socks and yet why not put something on your feet that you will feel so wonderful wearing. And I don't think the Gryphon is going to stop dying any time soon, so for now, I can always get more.


Once these socks are finished, that will knock off the better part of 1K off the summer goal. Not a bad start, if I can just keep rocking.

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