Monday, May 16, 2011

Conferencing Knitting

I'm attending a conference and that means LOTS of knitting time.  I knew this and stuffed projects in my bag accordingly.  I forgot the cable for my camera though and a borked phone camera means no photos. My apologies. I wasn't about to buy a third camera cable. 

When I packed at home I had:

  • Socks 1: The Corn Yarn socks. I was at the toe of Sock 1 and it has been sadly waiting for me to finish it and more on to sock 1.2  (These are one size 1 needles)
  • Socks 2: The New Green socks. I was through the heel but hadn't gotten down the foot of sock 2.1 (These are on size 0 needles)
  • Socks 3: This was a ball of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga that I threw in my bag because I knew I'd hit the toes of socks and need something else.
On the flight here and in transit to the hotel and for Day 0 of the conference, I got sock 2.1 down to the toe. But then Day 1 of the conference dawned this morning. I left my hotel room at 7 a.m. and did not return until around 9 p.m. Because I was moving a lot and didn't have time to think about things like sock toes, I grabbed the Bugga and headed out. I cast on at breakfast. Bugga is sport weight yarn and I'm knitting it up on size 2 needles (2.75 mm) so by lunch I was turning the heel and by my 4:30 p.m. session I realized that I'd better start working from the other end of the ball of yarn.  Fortunately, though I'm knitting these mostly on 9" circular needles, I also brought DPNs for the toes.  So, sock 3.1 is ready for the toe decreases and sock 3.2 is about 3/4" into the cuff. Day 2 was all about working on Sock 1.2 Since it's on smaller needles, I only got through the leg today. Slacking pitifully right?

It's been very amusing. A lot of people stop me to proclaim that they can't walk and knit at the same time. I have not regaled anyone yet of the long tradition of women carrying their knitting with them to ensure they were not wasting time. I've had conversations about the difference between picking and throwing stitches, knitting baby sweaters, and so on and so forth. It gives people something to exclaim about and I'm happy to provide that. 

So, present status for the conference:

Sock 1.1 -- DONE (except to weave in the ends)

Sock 1.2 -- Ready to turn the heel

Sock 2.1 -- Working on the toe

Sock 2.2 -- Not yet begun
Sock 3.1 -- Working on the toe

Sock 3.2 -- 3/4" into the cuff

Now onto Day 3 and the going home portion of the week.

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