Monday, April 4, 2011

Please to stop sending me yarn bombing emails...

In recent months I keep getting sent various "cute" stories from around the nation where someone has convinced a group of knitters or beginning knitters or such to yarn bomb trees, fences, door handles, railings, etc.  I am, apparently, supposed to be delighted and desperately want to join in the fun.

I'm not and I don't.

I have several issues with yarn bombing, not the least of which is that majority of what I've seen I don't find attractive. The majority that I've seen has been acrylic yarn wrapped around door handles or oddly shaped-strangely gauged shapes crocheted or stitched together. This is then wrapped around light posts, railings, street signs, trees, etc. There is sometimes pattern, method, something, but usually it's done with odds and ends of yarn of different weights.

Also with many of the pieces, it doesn't seem to be put up as an installation but an "indefinitely" kind of thing--with the ending being when the cleaning crew for the city, block, building have to take a knife to it to cut it down because it's on public property, on private property where permission wasn't given, gotten gross, complaints were received, etc. It's a relatively easily removable form of graffiti, granted, but even by those who yarn bomb describe it as graffiti. Particularly with the wrapping of handles and railings, I wonder if it may impede usage.

I've seen a few pieces that were lovely: where a yarn flower garden was created, a temporary defined installation, lace work done on a wire fence. But there are so many other needs on my knitting time and so many other things that I find beautiful that I can't see any particular appeal. If I want to decorate, I can knit ornaments, pillows, doilies, tea cozies, Rebecca Danger monsters....

So could we all just understand that I'm not interested and stop sending me the emails?

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