Monday, March 21, 2011

Whither Knitting Time?

The challenge, it seems, of actually having a social life is that it cuts into my knitting and movie/TV watching. It's horrible to be me, right?

All is quiet on the blog front for lack of getting my camera hooked up to the computer at home. I managed to get things downloaded last night, just not to Flickr. Small steps, small steps.

The short version of what's been getting knit:
  • I participated in the KnitGirllls' Shawlette Swap! I got an amazingly beautiful shawl from Stacy and hope my swap partner liked what I made for her. It is one of the two times I've knit with orange yarn.
  • Four pair of socks are DONE! This greatly increases the pair count in rotation just in time for it to be spring and I'm almost ready to put them away until winter. Of course.
  • Ugly socks are being knit. I am reminded that I truly dislike self patterning yarn. Lovely for others, I'm sure, but not for me. Still, it's socks. And it means stash is being used up. Both good things. Socks are primarily in my winter boots anyway...
  • I'm supposed to be finishing another pair of mittens by, oh...Thursday. All that's on the docket for tonight is laundry, so there's a vague possibility that progress will be made. 
  • I'm headed to NY this week. I think I may have time on Friday to hit either Smiley's or Knitty City. If you hear muffled cries for help under an enormous pile of wool, assume I made it to Brooklyn and send help!
  • I've started watching Fringe but when I do get time with the TV, the knitting is going too so I doubt I'll be any good at the codes or finding the Observer. AudioGirl and I had a good time picking apart the various moments of "suspension of disbelief!"
I finally broke the 1K mark on my yards of knitting projects completed this year. I'm kind of horrified, considering that I still am hoping to reach the better part of 20K by 12/31. We're nearly a third of the way through the year and I haven't even touched 5K. I know there aren't any knitting police that will come and beat me up for not getting through all of it but I'm frustrated with myself. Shouldn't I have found more knitting time? Yes, it's a past time that I do because I enjoy it but I feel like I'm slacking.

I think part of it is I truly expected to knit more on public transportation. The morning commute is about 85% standing, shoehorned into cars that don't make very efficient use of space. While I can read standing and do--I have reservations about breaking out the sharp pointed size 1 needles. We don't need tetanus shots before breakfast. And since I have work knitting and home knitting, I don't always have train knitting unless I have something I'm headed to after work. I had expectations when I moved back to Chicago that somehow that I was going to turn into Wendy Johnson and be churning out buckets of lace everyday to and from work. That hasn't happened as yet. And as I have some social obligations that call for not-knitting....*sigh* 

I am determined to make a dent though. We'll just have to see how big a dent it is...

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