Friday, March 4, 2011

A Surfeit of Socks....

I very nearly cast on a 6th pair of socks-in-progress this week. I had a public transit ride up to a friend's apartment that is about an hour and all of my socks were at a point that I needed to DO something of the shaping variety. While yes, I'm perfectly happy to turn a heel in public, a number of them need toes and I'd rather not have to take my shoes off on the Red Line.

I resisted, valiantly. And I actually completed 1 pair...but I haven't taken pics for a couple of bear with me as I catch up on where we are now.

Pair 1: Meet the Footies

763After finishing the Squashed Bug Socks, I still had a fair amount of wool left. Not one to really let Bugga yarn go to waste, I decided that a pair of footies might be most appropriate.  I saved all the yarn I could and oh--did I need it. I was down to the toe decreases on Sock 2 and realized I was never going to make it. That little ball of yarn above the sock came to my rescue!!

Pattern: 2x2 Vanilla Rib
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga
Needles: Size 2 (I bought yet another set of DPNs...I think this makes 5)
Status: These are actually done but I've not blocked them yet. AudioGirl might be wrangled into posing for sock photos so you get something other than me photographing my own feet. We'll see.

Pair 2:Languishing Socks

(Please note that I managed to pull ALL of the needles out of the sock inadvertently but all stitches have been reclaimed)

I started these socks at the Sock Hop: Knitting in Public Day 2010, because we actually had enough downtime that I could sit down and knit for a few minutes and I wasn't working on any projects that I was able to bring and literally drop as needed. 

Pattern: 2x2 Vanilla Rib
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential (when it still came in 100 gm skeins)
Needles: Size 2
Status: Same as you see here. Sock 1 just needs a toe and then I'm off and running on Sock 2.  Soon my little socklettes...soon

Pair 3: Subtle Stripe Sunday

Please note the "help" I get when I'm trying to take pictures.

Pattern: 2x2 Vanilla Rib (exciting, right?)
Yarn: BMFA STR Medium-Weight in Never on a Sunday
Needles: Size 2
Status: I've turned the heel on the second sock now and am working down the foot.  Making good progress!!

Pair 4: Seafoam Socks

I suppose it's good that I don't have much knitting time at work. It's hard on the work socks though--they only get a row or two each day and no evening or weekend knitting time.  Still, I've had a couple of meetings that I could knit through and so there's been progress.

Pattern: 2x2 Vanilla Rib
Yarn: Ewetopia Farm Sportweight
Needles: Size 2
Status: I've turned the heel and am working out the foot on Sock 2 now--this picture is a couple days old. Might actually finish a pair in the first quarter of the year!

Pair 5: Purple Pond Socks

And finally, the Purple Pond Socks are heading down the home stretch. I'm over halfway down the foot, maybe an inch from the toe now? Something like that.  They're coming well.

Pattern: 2x2 Vanilla Rib
Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Handpainted
Needles: Size 1 (oooh!)
Status: If I can find a couple uninterrupted hours, I'll finish these.  

If I don't do anything on Saturday but finish socks, it'll be like having a whole new sock drawer!!  AudioGirl declined taking pics but she's getting at least one pair of socks for her birthday so she picked out some yarn and I have some socks to start for her. :) 

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