Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where there is Wollmeise....

I had been doing so very well. I'd purchased some yarn tools but not many. I'd even ventured into Loopy to get a couple new sets of needles but getting brushed off by one of the staff had deterred me from lingering.

And then I got a text message. From Sherri at TLE. There was Wollmeise on her site.

I am weak in the face of Wollmeise, especially when there are new colorways.

And so the yarn buying moratorium is over for 2011. I made it six weeks into the new year, which I find pretty impressive! I only bought two skeins, but when it arrived, I realized there was at least one round of WM that I'd purchased late last year (probably near the move) and not entered into Ravelry, nor admitted.

I got the yarn from the post office on Friday. Sherri and the Elves were prompt as always in sending but my mail carrier is really cautious about leaving packages. Most of the time I'm okay with that.

So, without further ado, the yarn that got me shopping again:


Meet Madame Souris and Nazar Boncugu


Aren't they lovely? I really really really must figure out what I'm going to knit up with all of this Wollmeise. Keeping it in a hat box in my living room just isn't doing the yarn justice. The yardage is wonderfully generous, 510 yards per skein. It is a little challenging in that one can only get 1 skein per colorway at a time from TLE but I understand why the policy in place and in truth, it does spread the love and yarn around. I do wonder though if it will ever settle from being a shark feeding frenzy when those pages update.  It took the doubling of Sherri's order to Bugga to get things to slow down for The Sanguine Gyrphon.

Also, in full admission, here are the skeins that followed me home one late day last November:


The Petit Poison No 5 might stay in reserve for Sibling-the-Elder. If I ever need to bribe her or something of that persuasion. :)

But if you were ever concerned as to whether or not I was consistent when it came to colors, here is all of the Wollmeise sock yarn that I own:


Yes, I have 9 skeins. Plus the laceweight that I nabbed from Claudia's site last fall.  A part of me wonders if I should feel a little shameful. All this yarn just waiting, sitting around, not being used. And part of me knows that I'm stashing for when times may not be as good. Which in this economy.....

I did manage to resist the second WM update when it came through. 

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