Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do Not Click Buy....

So I made that new years resolution to work from stash and to try and hone down all of the excess of wool, gorgeous wool, that inhabits my home with me. The yarn skein to mammal ratio is slightly terrifying, the yarn skein to human ratio is somewhere approaching ridiculous. When the pile of stash boxes reaches over my head and Gypsy thinks it's a mountain to be conquered...

I promised myself that if I really wanted to shop I would look for other knitting tools that I have been clicking back to over and over again. I've purchased some stitch markers, some new needles (I now have something like four sets of size 2 needles), a new project bag. But no yarn. 

It's been 25 days. I've looked at yarn. I've though about buying yarn certainly. There has been browsing around etsy and Webs and The Loopy Ewe. I considered putting in a near wholesale order with Kathryn at Ewetopia on her sport weight sock wool--but resisted as I knew the BMFA skeins were on their way.

The goal is to make it until at least the end of January. I still have a gift card from the ladies I used to work with and it's burning an evil hole in my pocket. I want to rush to Loopy and grab beautiful skeins and wave them about. And that's gift money, I tell myself, not me actually spending money. 

But I don't need wool. I am resisting. At least until February 1. Maybe longer if  I can hold out.

It's not a diet. It's being prudent.

And let us all be honest with each other: I've finished a single sock so far this month. It's not like I'm going to run out anytime soon. 

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