Wade Amongst the Water Lillies

These socks were a bit of demonstration, a bit of test run, and ultimately, a bit of a path down a slippery slope.

It all started so innocently. Having had my size 1 9" circulars disappear in some parking lot or other (what I get for keeping my knitting in my purse), I grabbed a set of size 2 9" circulars the next time I was down at Ewetopia Fibers, whilst AudioGirl was visiting.

When we got back to Chez Hedgehog, I grabbed the Water Lilies yarn that I'd purchased at the same shop on another trip to demonstrate the efficacy of 9" circulars for knitting socks. AudioGirl tried but ultimately decided DPNs were more her style, though we agreed that for the first couple of rows, it's much easier with a circular.

These socks became a coping project. Supposed to be packing? Lets knit a row on the socks. Supposed to be having meetings and getting things cleaned up? Lost in the sock. So on and so forth.  There are many times in life where I feel very unsuccessful at many things. Despite much experience, I'm not the best mover. Transitioning jobs is inevitably stressful.

But through it all and even through avoiding all of my other works in progress...there was a brightly colored sock following me about. The sock didn't judge. The sock didn't nag. The sock didn't care that I was abandoning extensive to do lists to sit and watch an episode of Castle because I was completely overloaded.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures until I was nearly done with Sock 2...but still

Here's sock 1

CHI1 002

Sock 2 on top of Sock 1--by the time I dug out the camera and had the energy to take pictures, I was nearly to the toe of sock 2.

CHI1 004

Sock 2 alone...

CHI1 006

The socks are both done now, but for weaving in the ends and a trip through the wool wash. They're wonderfully squishy and warm. I really should have bought another half dozen skeins of Kathryn's Merino sport weight before I moved.

Oh well, it means I use up some of the other gorgeous stash that I already have, right?


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