Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Speed of Knitting

I have no idea how fast I knit. Compared to the Yarn Harlot, I'm a tortoise. According to my knitting kids, I'm a Road Runner (mee-meep). I knit at a decent pace and after retraining my hands a couple years ago to hold the throwing yarn over my index finger, I've speeded up a bit, but I'll never win a fastest knitter award. This is fine by me. Process knitter and all that.

On Monday I had two meetings. First was a two hour meeting going over Benefits information. I knew that I'd need to pay attention but that this would not be requiring much serious note taking. HR people like to send all the information home with you. Second was a four hour continuing education program that I would need to take notes, but still hoped to get some knitting in.

Only, I was at the toe of my current sock. In a mad dash Monday morning I rummaged through the stash room/library, came up with the skein of Spruce merino sportweight sock yarn from Ewetopia Fibers, got my size 2 DPNs out of the rolling case they live in, and raced out the door. That I had a pretty good idea where the yarn was and that I knew the needles had been put away were the only reasons this all worked.

And I knit through both meetings.  Through the nice young man who read us his PowerPoint slides for 90 minutes straight. Through greeting JDP, whose acquaintance I originally made a couple years ago and who was knitting a stunning sweater. Through my copious note taking.

So if you knit for about six hours, minus a lot of note taking during four of them, 2x2 rib (my vanilla socks), 52 stitches, size 2 needles, sport weight...

CHI1 014

You get half a sock. I turned the heel during the last presenter.

And then Tuesday there was another four hour meeting.  Lest you think I'm not paying attention--I am. I follow along, take notes, and plan blog posts. It's better than having me totally zone out and start writing grocery or to do lists, trust me. I perched next to JDP and we were the knitting row. I'm sure someone found us irreverent. 

But I've knit most of a sock in two days. And that's only at work. That's not including any other knitting that I'm doing at home.  The next couple days aren't quite so knittable, so don't expect quite as much sock progress.

I did go through the stash to dig out more sock yarn though to have on hand.

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