Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was doing quite well and being relatively project monogamous. That's all gone by the wayside.

But first, some proof of progress that things are chugging along here at Chez Hedgehog.

I'm on the second green sock, apparently at the heel or thereabouts.  I have to admit, it's been hanging out in the bag that G made me since Friday. I honestly had it in my head that I was on the toe.  Apparently not.  Ooops.

Projects 009

Anyway, it's not truly stalled. It's cold out and all of my wool socks are in the wash, I'm going to need to finish more soon. Or do laundry.

However, I was out a bit over the weekend and apparently remembered Saturday that I was at a heel turn--which isn't really conducive to adult beverages and hanging out with My Friend the Lawyer.

Projects 008

This is Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in VW Bug. Squishy and vibrant and squishy and cashmere and yum....It's more green than this picture is showing--that's too blue/teal and this is a much greener shade. Apologies. We're nearly to the darkest day of the year and while I see much daylight at work (I have a window for which I'm SO incredibly grateful) I don't really want to freeze my tushy off taking pictures in the dark when I get home. So you get the silver tray instead...

But then, last night, the Harlot posted. Not just more pictures of that lovely cowl/shawl/scarf she'd show us the other day but the pattern!

Everything went out the window as I leaped off  my Ektorp Tullsta to fetch the last half a skein of EcoWool in Latte left from my Oatmeal Shawl (you haven't seen it but it's done and I live in it when I'm home--photos soon. I haven't blocked it either). My money moved through my Paypal account like a speeding train towards Stephanie and with my KnitPicks options and the only cable I had free (24"), I cast on.

I finished the first repeat last night and I'm a little more than halfway through the second repeat.  I'd be further along but I have annoying things like bills to pay and ironing to do. If I were really motivated I'd copy the chart and take it over to the laundry mat and get those wool socks washed and such....but it's down to 10 degrees F (-12C) again.

Projects 004

Projects 006

Projects 003

My goal is to get it done before the weekend.

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