Monday, December 6, 2010

Change of plans...

I was going to show you detailed pictures of all of my recent stash acquisitions, many of which have interesting stories. There was going to be LONG blog posts about all of it.

However, I was getting tired of writing it all. Which meant, I suspect, that you were getting tired of reading it all.'s time for a stash flash.  A quick view and no more than a line or two description....

MDTrans 040

This is a double skein of Ewetopia Fiber Sport Weight Handdyed. Kathryn had it behind her counter where she was going to split it up into two skeins. Ferreting it out with AudioGirl, I asked if I could buy it whole and Kathryn agreed. It has no ball band, I'm calling it Midnight Sky. 

Next up... EcoWool+. Now they make this stuff in colors other than Sheep! Not that there is anything wrong with the sheepy colors. I have a lot of Latte in my stash. But's purty.A score with AudioGirl from Baskets of Yarn.

MDTrans 045

Now, you know I love my sister very much. So much that when we were IMing one day and a Loopy Ewe Wollmeise Lace update popped up I said "tell me what colors you like and I'll get you one for your birthday!" and she did and I did and there you go. Let it not be said that I don't enhance the stash of others.

When I caught another random Friday update of lace, I grabbed a skein of semi-solid. Because it was coming from the WM directly, I didn't know what shade it would be. And sibling mine...I love you very very much. But this is MINE.

MDTrans 043

I'll figure out something else for you for Christmas. Hopefully post haste.

I also, in the last couple months, got a Wollmeise Grab-bag and scored these beauties:

MDTrans 048

I now am able to see an update go by without feeling frantic. I have six skeins of my own that should be knit up. I will be okay. Really...okay. Keep telling myself that.

There's one other skein to show you all but it really does have a good story to go with it. Next week perhaps when you're not quite so tired of all of my wool....

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