Sunday, December 5, 2010

20 Days to Christmas....Stop Me From Shopping

So..there's not a lot of space at the new Chez Hedgehog. I've mentioned that already I think. Certainly it's a lovely 1.5 bedroom garden apartment and for one small female and one small gray cat, it's plenty of space.  But for a girl with a large library and well fed's um...kinda tight. 

I own a lot of yarn. Beautiful yarn. Yarn that has stories behind it. Yarn that I can't wait to knit up whenever I dig it out of the bins and remember that I own it. And we're 20 days from Christmas. By now I should be absolutely crazed with Christmas knitting.  I should at least be contemplating what I'm giving people for Christmas. I am sitting, reading archives of the Yarn Harlot's website, and trying to justify to myself the purchase of more sock yarn. I don't need sock yarn. I have over 50 skeins of yarn that fit into the "sock weight" category, though most of them are fingering and not really sock yarn.  We're looking about about 14 pairs of socks really if we're talking "sock" sock yarn.  Why am I considering stalking The Loopy Ewe or dashing over to Blue Moon Fiber Arts?  Why am I peering out of the side of my eye at the gift certificate to Loopy that the women I worked with gave me upon leaving?  Why on earth, when I have 3 square inches of living room floor to stand in, am I even remotely considering adding one more item to this chaos? 

These are my issues on Sunday afternoon. I'm waiting on a new camera cable. I have one but despite moving in the car it has managed to become lost somewhere here in the apartment. I had it the day I moved. I know that because I uploaded some pictures to this laptop. Dang if I can find them now.  So I'll just have to work on that backlog of stuff and promise you that I've nearly finished a pair of socks, I've knit and ripped out a scarf, and that my apartment is a disaster. 

Guess I need to turn the kettle on again and see about finding some living room floor before I have to go to a Be the Groove Show later.

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