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One of the lovely things to come out of the now ended Lime and Violet was Round the Twist with Carin. She does a lovely weekly vlog and I've tuned in most regularly over her first year. When she celebrated her one year vlogiversary she had a drawing of some stash for lucky commenters and I was one of the winners!!

Carin generously mailed me a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in the Lucy colorway. Lucy, of course, being WendyKnit's lovely cat.

Cristi has been making Sockhead Hats and I have to admit a smidge of jealousy. They looked so fast, so comfortable, so another option for those random skeins of sock yarn lying about. (BTW--Cristi is raising money here for a Diabetes Walk if you're so inclined)

So...I managed to combine a faded podcast, a current videocast, a yarn store, and two other blogs into this one project. Social media overload!!

And it's done!


Project: Sockhead by Kelly McClure
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Medium Weight Lucy Colorway
Modifications: Went down 8 stitches because I went up a needle size. Probably could have gone down four more stitches but it's okay.

I liked it so much...


I'm on Sockhead the second...


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